Fitting instructional video tutorial on fitting a Malossi Multivar 2000 Variator. This video is the installation process for the Aprilia SR50R specifically, however Malossi Variators all have a very similar installation method – and they come with an instructional diagram and guide as to the specific install method on your scooter.
Variators are used in every just about scooter on the market, with the very rare exception being some manual transmission Vespa’s like the PX, Sprint, PK, and the early Lambretta’s. A variator itself is the main part of a continually variable transmission (CVT). Where a gearbox has gears, each with a fixed gear radio, a

The Dellorto PHBG Tuning Textbook📚

Performance carb tuning can be one of the most daunting tasks of tuning a scooter. Where do you start, what does what, and how do you make sure it doesnt blow up?! In this article were going to be going through the basic components of carb tuning, in particular the PHBG ( a benchmark carb
Air filters such as the Malossi Red Sponge are usually only slightly more expensive than standard air filters, and they look cool – but is there an actual benefit? Standard air filters on most 50cc scooters are a single compound sponge, usually fairly high density (the holes in the sponge material are very small) and
All Malossi cylinders – both cast-iron and aluminum – are sized from the factory. The range goes from size 0 (smallest piston) to size D (biggest piston). Every size features an increase of 0.01 mm. When ordering a piston, please carefully specify the requested size marking as follows: Example 34 3448          corresponds to size 0 34
Laws of Scooter Tuning
The Laws of Scooter Tuning In this article were going to be discussing a question we get asked quite often, which is: “I want my scooter to go faster, where do I start?” There are a few levels of scooter tuning which completely depend on what you want to do with your scooter. The first