Piaggio typhoon 50
Standard 50cc with 2000kms. History of derestriction of the ECU with black/white wire removed. Variator shaft changed to unrestricted version. 70cc Upgrade Parts List: Malossi Cylinder kit M316915 Yasuni Z with Red Stinger. YAS418R BR8ES Spark Plug. Polini Clutch spring set Yellow. P245030 Drive belt: Malossi M619830 Malossi Roller set 6.5 gram. 66 9420 Main
If you own a Piaggio Typhoon 50 or Aprilia SRMT 50 built from Jan 2018, you own a Euro 4 model. What’s the difference? – To meet more strict European emissions standards there are a couple additional systems on this bike which need to be taken into account when installing performance parts. A few dead

Pista 50cc 2 Stroke

Cylinder kit is the same as Yamaha JOG. 10mm piston bearing. Main jet is 6mm, standard size is 60. Variator Shaft is 13mm ID, (Same as Yamaha Jog) Standard rollers dimension. 15 x 12mm.

Kymco 4T 50cc Cylinder Studs

Total length: 168mm Diameter: 7mm Thread Pitch: 1mm Threaded length: 17mm engine end. 16mm Head end.

Why Install An Inner Rotor Ignition?

In the above video we discuss in a fair bit of detail what the purpose and advantage of an inner rotor is, and when you might consider installing one – Really worth a watch, even if just to improve your understanding of how your scooter ignition works. To summarize, the stator in your scooter (similar

Which Gear Up Kit For Your Scooter?

Primary Gears Malossi
Malossi Gear kits (both primary and secondary) change the gearing ratio of the diff gear in the rear of the motor thus either gearing the scooter towards a greater top speed or toward more acceleration at lower speeds. Gear kits are typically used when trying to gain more top speed. As gearing ratio’s are usually

Honda Today Pinion

Total length: 74mm Shaft size (Both sides): 8mm Grabber teeth: 14T Driven teeth: 40T Same physical dimensions as the Piaggio pinion, the difference is the driven gear.

“What fits my Chinese 50cc 2T Scooter?”

This is a question we regularly get, in one form or another. Between almost all scooter brands, manufacturers and models there are only a few different base engines used. These for the most part boil down to 5 different base engines, namely the Piaggio Hiper2, Honda Vertical, Honda Horizontal, Minarelli Vertical, Minarelli Horizontal. Piaggio and

How To Tell Your Clutch Size

For most makes and models of 50cc – 100cc scooters, there are only 2 different sizes of clutch used – 107mm and 112mm. Most makes and models are specifically listed by Malossi, which makes purchasing the correct performance clutch for your scooter easy. Some models of rarer scooters, as well as many Chinese models aren’t

Malossi Contra Spring Size Chart

The ‘Contra’ spring (or torque spring) in your scooter provides the oppositional force to the variator. A lower gearing ratio results in higher speed, and higher gearing ratio results in less speed. If the job if the variator is to decrease the gearing ratio for higher speed, conversely the job of the contra spring (and