Pista 50cc 2 Stroke

Cylinder kit is the same as Yamaha JOG. 10mm piston bearing. Main jet is 6mm, standard size is 60. Variator Shaft is 13mm ID, (Same as Yamaha Jog) Standard rollers dimension. 15 x 12mm.

Kymco 4T 50cc Cylinder Studs

Total length: 168mm Diameter: 7mm Thread Pitch: 1mm Threaded length: 17mm engine end. 16mm Head end.

Honda Today Pinion

Total length: 74mm Shaft size (Both sides): 8mm Grabber teeth: 14T Driven teeth: 40T Same physical dimensions as the Piaggio pinion, the difference is the driven gear.

SYM Crank Case Casting Errors

If you’ve worked on enough engines, you’d know that manufacturing anomalies do on occasion cause issues. Anything mass produced in a factory is prone to the occasional error, even with the most stringent quality control. On a recent SYM Jet job we worked on, we discovered one such anomaly – an error in the crank
Its no secret that the Dellorto PHBG carb range is a favorite of ours. Particularly the Malossi PHBG kits, which come ready to fit particular bikes, with fitment kit, manual choke kit and airbox stuffers to increase air flow into the airbox. There are however a couple of draw backs of the PHBG. The PHBG