Piaggio typhoon 50
Standard 50cc with 2000kms. History of derestriction of the ECU with black/white wire removed. Variator shaft changed to unrestricted version. 70cc Upgrade Parts List: Malossi Cylinder kit M316915 Yasuni Z with Red Stinger. YAS418R BR8ES Spark Plug. Polini Clutch spring set Yellow. P245030 Drive belt: Malossi M619830 Malossi Roller set 6.5 gram. 66 9420 Main
Laws of Scooter Tuning
The Laws of Scooter Tuning In this article were going to be discussing a question we get asked quite often, which is: “I want my scooter to go faster, where do I start?” There are a few levels of scooter tuning which completely depend on what you want to do with your scooter. The first