Stage 6 Racing 70cc Performance Cylinder Kit for Aprilia / Piaggio 50cc 2T Air Cooled Models


Looking for a Mid-Race cylinder kit, that doesn’t blow the budget? This is the kit for you!

The MKII Racing is the latest update on Stage 6’s extremely popular bridge port racing kits. It carries an impressive list of features for a very affordable price – such as fully aluminium cylinder and included head, single ring piston, and significantly increased ports with Stage 6’s new x6 intake transfer port map design, and a full bridged exhaust port.

We recommend installing this cylinder kit with a Stage 6 Pro Replica, or Tecnigas TRIOPS exhaust, as well as upgrading the carb to either a Dellorto PHBG19 or PHBG21 for optimum power.

Please note that the factory exhaust will not fit on this cylinder (Nor should it be installed with it anyway).

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Stage6 Cylinder Kit 70cc Racing MK2 Aprilia / Piaggio AC.

The successor of the successful Stage6 70cc racing cylinder is called Stage6 Racing MKII 70cc and was completely redesigned for even better out of the box performance.

For the uninitiated, a bridge port is a high end 2 stroke racing exhaust port design which essentially looks like a very large V shaped port, with a bridge running directly up the center, separating the two halves of the port. This is essentially done to allow the largest exhaust port possible, while keeping the piston and ring in position. Bridge ports are used in all high end 2 stroke cylinders, and offer the highest level of performance.

Paired with a good high end street exhaust, and an upgraded carb Stage 6 say that this cylinder it capable of figures up to 19hp! A stock factory Piaggio Hiper2 engine is bang on 4hp from factory, 19hp is a getting close to the un-ridable territory.

The cylinder with high-strength hard chrome bore plating was completely redesigned. A new transfer port design (6 instead of 5 ports) improves cylinder filling. The piston is no longer flat but domed, with a 0.8 mm thick piston ring to optimise performance and improve heat dissipation. Thermal properties were improved in all areas. Generous flushing of the bridged exhaust port; a pentagonal design and internal cooling ribs; one-piece head with cast scavenging canals – to name but a few of the improvements. Port timings are 190°-130°.

The cylinder yields 2 to 3 hp more power than the MK1, between 17-19 hp, without any additional modifications and in combination with the corresponding components. There is enough material for further modifications to get the cylinder above 20 hp. Definitely one of the most powerful 70cc kits on the market!

We recommend using a reinforced crankshaft, a min. 21mm carburetor and a racing exhaust to exploit the full power of this tuning cylinder..

The kit includes.

  • aluminium cylinder, 47.6mm bore
  • 1-ring piston with 12mm piston pin
  • one-piece cylinder head
  • gasket set

We recommend to clean the engine before assembly, check the condition of all components and use a new spark plug and new small end bearing. Do not forget to change your carburetor settings if necessary.

Squish clearance should be between 0.75 and 0.85. The cylinder should be run in for approx. 300 km with a 1:33 mixture to improve robustness and life expectancy.


– Original exhausts cannot be mounted with this cylinder.