Malossi RHQ High Compression Crankshaft for Aprilia / Piaggio 50cc 2T Models (Except Ditech)


The Malossi RHQ Crankshaft offers a high compression, mid-race solution that can take a whole lot more punishment than the standard Aprilia crankshaft. 12mm shaft.

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Malossi RHQ High Compression Crankshaft for Aprilia / Piaggio 50cc 2T Models

Compared to the standard crankshaft the Malossi RHQ is significantly stronger in its construction – particularly around high stress areas such as the little end, the big end bearing and the conrod itself. The RHQ also features a ‘high compression’ design, which in basic terms means that the webbing of the crank is completely filled in leaving no extra space for air. This makes the overall area inside the casing of the engine smaller, which increases the compression and power.

For optimum performance benefit this crank should be installed with a new set of Malossi C4 Clearance bearings.

This is an option that should be very seriously considered for any bikes with 70cc kits installed – particularly of a 9 port or bridge port map such as the Malossi MHR Replica or MHR Racing cylinders.

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– The crankshaft is the heart of the endothermic engine.
– All aspects of engine performances start from the crankshaft.
– It is not possible to obtain good engine performance and reliability unless a top-quality crankshaft is fitted.
– This is why Malossi produces only the very best in crankshafts.

– Half-shafts material: 18 Ni Cr Mo5.
– Half-shafts with forged monolithic rotating masse.
– Manufactured using high-precision machine tools.
– All components are subjected to 5 heating treatment operations.
– Excellent surface finish for improved reliability.
– Dynamic balancing for speeds of up to 16,000 rpm.
– Coppered connecting rod in forged 18 Ni Cr Mo5, connected to the engine with precision roller bearing for high speeds.

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