Malossi Roller Set for Variator 19 x 15.5mm


The Malossi rollers are available in different weights, used to allow fine tuning to the variator/transmission system. These rollers are 19mm x 15.5mm. Different weight variations are available to select below.


Malossi Roller Set for Variator 19 x 15.5mm.

Due to the rotation, the weight of the rollers becomes a centrifugal force; the higher the rollers weight, the lower the gear change time, and vice-versa.

Variator calibration
To optimize engine’s performance, select rollers that in operation, maintain the engine at the highest power regime. By diminishing the rollers weight the engine s RPM increases; on the contrary, by increasing the rollers weight the RPM decreases.

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With a variator that features such sophistication, your scooter has that extra sprint, a consistency in shifting, a greater mechanical ease at high speeds and a constancy in performance you’ve never experienced before with the original variator. This is what the Malossi technicians wanted to obtain. For more tuning options rollers can be installed in combinations, 3 x 3 – However they must be installed alternating to keep weight balanced in the variator basket.

*Performance scooter parts do not come with a warranty*

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