Malossi VL13 Reed Valve for Piaggio Scooters


The Malossi VL13 Reed Valve is a performance replacement for the original valve on the Piaggio Hi-per2 Motor (no modification to the engine casing is necessary).

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Malossi VL13 Reed Valve for Piaggio Scooters.

The VL13 offers much greater flow than the standard reed block, and faster petal action due to the carbon fibre construction of the reeds themselves. The benefits of this reed block are much more obvious in scooters with 70cc kits installed. Malossi Reed Valves are reed valves designed with flow corner and with calculated capacity section. The petals are made of a material composed of karbonit and carbon. They are manufactured with advanced production processes and with the use of raw materials carefully selected. These reed valves are designed for racing engines and they have been tested directly on race tracks.

*Performance scooter parts do not come with a warranty*