Malossi Contra Spring for SYM / Kymco / Honda +35%


Malossi Contra Springs replace the standard torque converter spring in any scooter. These springs come in varying stiffness, identified by their colour.

Red – 57,8x90mm thread Ø 4,2mm 6,8k

35% stiffer than the original.


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Malossi Contra Spring for SYM / Kymco / Honda

VARIABLE-SPEED DRIVE ADJUSTER SPRING 35% stiffer than the original.

The stiffer the contra string, the more resistance it has against the progression of the belt on the variator. The CVT transmission is a delicate balance, but when tuned correctly the red spring allows the engine to rev higher through the progression of the belt position on the variator, this keeps the RPM to maximum through the gear change.

Silicon-steel springs with high carbon content, heat-treated, dynamically balanced, kiln painted, designed and calculated for each specific application. Malossi Springs can be divided into three categories:
– REINFORCED SPRINGS with high stiffness
– SUPER REINFORCES SPRINGS with exceptionally-high stiffness
– RACING SPRINGS designed for high performance use and competition machines

*Generic photo shown*Performance scooter parts do not come with a warranty*