Round Scooter Mirror 8mm Reverse Thread


1 single mirror with round head. 8mm Left hand thread. This is a single mirror, NOT a set.

If your scooter has a righ hand thread, turning clockwise or right hand, you will need to order the standard thread version of this mirror. Click to view MY8L

Please check both mirrors prior to order, as some scooters have one reverse thread and one standard thread mirror.

In Stock at Aus Warehouse


Round Scooter Mirror 8mm Reverse Thread

Please check the mirrors currently on your scooter before ordering. Some scooter brands have a standard thread left hand mirror, and a reverse thread right hand mirror (Such as TGB Scooters). Refer to the below key in the photo gallery.

When fitting this mirror it will turn anti-clockwise, to remove the mirror it will turn clockwise.