YSS ‘C’ 280mm Shock for Yamaha Aerox 50 – 100cc / BWS 100cc.


YSS ‘C’ 280mm Performance Shock for Yamaha Aerox 50 – 100cc / BWS 100cc. Looking to improve the handling of your scooter, and give it a little more interest at the same time?

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YSS ‘C’ 280mm Shock for Yamaha Aerox 50 – 100cc / BWS 100cc.

The C-Series combines optimum performance and sporty looks. In the C-Series shock absorbers, oil and nitrogen are separated in an external reservoir. This separation ensures a sensitive response and good cooling. The spring base is infinitely adjustable. The expansion tank is made of aluminium and anodised to a high standard. The perfect picture is rounded off by the Sinter-Sea block seals and the hard chrome piston rod.

The YSS ‘C’ range of shocks fits the bill precisely. Upgrading your rear suspension makes the overall feel of the bike more precise and solid, however the big difference is to on-power cornering. The rear shock takes up most of the weight of the rider, particularly as you’re corning – the centrifugal force increases the force of the riders weight on the rear suspension.

The YSS ‘C’ is far stronger, and beefed up compared to the stock shock. It features a beautifully cast aluminium body, CNC anodized spring retainer cuffs and locking adjusting nuts. Set your scooter apart.