Variator Nut for Piaggio 50cc 2T Scooters


Standard Replacement Variator Nut for Aprilia / Piaggio 50cc 2T Models (except ditech)

Variator nuts wear out over time, after many removals the thread stretches and wears down. Overtightening can also cause premature wear of the variator nut (particularly if youre a little over excited with a rattle gun).

Replacing the nut is the easiest way to make sure you keep the thread on your crank in good condition. Worn nuts can often cross thread on the crank and damage the crank beyond repair (new crank shafts aren’t cheap, nuts are!)

Measurements: 9.8mm deep / 20mm base / 15mm hex / 10mm thread

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Variator Nut for Piaggio 50cc 2T Scooters

Crankshaft nut, fit on the Variator side of the Crankshaft.