Piston Kit for 50cc Aprilia Ditech 50cc


Piston Kit for 50cc Morini Liquid Cooled Motor Aprilia Ditech 50cc.
Comes with standard piston, rings, circlips and gudgeon pin.

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Piston Kit for 50cc Aprilia Ditech 50cc.

Gudgeon pins
diameter: 12 mm
length: 34 mm
bore: 41 mm
engine type: 2-stroke
shape piston crown: pulvinate
production method piston: cast
peg position: centre
number of piston rings: 2
compression hight: 27 mm
Piston rings
thickness rings: 1,5mm
piston ring type: common ring
wire size of circlip: 1,0mm
circlip type: G-type