Malossi Team II Inner Rotor Ignition for Aprilia SR50R


When you want the best, you buy Malossi. Inner rotor ignitions make a huge difference, particularly to the initial acceleration. If you’re looking for wheelie-popping throttle response, you need an inner rotor.

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If you have removed or held a factory flywheel in your hands before, you’d know how heavy they are. Each time the throttle is applied, the crankshaft has to forcibly spin up the weight of this giant engine anchor which is hanging directly off its side. Inner rotor ignitions essentially work in the reverse, having a super light flywheel built into a the inside of the stator rather than rotating around the outside – keeping the heavy part of the system un-driven, and the driven part of the system as close to the centre of the crank as possible to reduce the effect of centrifugal force. This allows the engine to far more rapidly rev, as the flywheel is providing far less resistance to the engine changing rapidly in RPM.

A must have for any race setup!

Please note that this inner rotor ignition only provides power to the engine, not the battery or scooter lighting. The factory stator provides direct power to the headlight and tail light, as well as charge to the battery which runs the rest of the electrical systems on the bike.

If you’re planning to use this inner rotor ignition on a road registered bike you will need to run power from the battery to the headlights and tail light, with an inline switch to allow you to turn them on and off when required. The rest of the lighting and electrical systems on the bike run directly from the battery (starter motor, indicators, brake light, ect) and do not require any additional wiring. We recommend upgrading the headlight bulbs and tail light bulb to LED bulbs, which are far more energy efficient. As the inner rotor does not supply any 12V charge to the battery, you will also need to periodically charge your battery. We recommend upgrading the size of the battery slightly if possible. There are many affordable battery charger options available, which include a plug with eyelets that can be permanently installed on the battery so charging after rides is as simple as plugging a single plug in. Fortunately the SR50R’s centre access panel above the battery allows plenty of space for such a plug to be neatly tucked in between charging, and quickly accessed for hassle free charging.

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