Malossi MHR Team 3 Performance Exhaust For Yamaha Aerox 50 (To Suit Testa Rossa 70cc Cylinder Only)


The mother of all 70cc exhausts!

The MHR Team 3 is designed by Malossi to exclusively fit the Testa Rossa 70cc cylinder range, being absolutely perfectly matched to the power and torque curve of this specific cylinder. Much of the time, much of the battle with high end cylinder kit tuning is matching the cylinder to the second most important part – the exhaust! Malossi have taken the game to a new level, by offering their highest power 70cc cylinder kit with a perfectly matched exhaust to suit!

This exhaust is designed to fit to the quick release flange which comes with the Testa Rossa 70cc cylinder kit, and does not come with a flange on its own.

Made from the highest quality steel, beautifully hand made from individually welded rings from the very start of the header all the way to the silencer – Malossi have spared absolutely no expense or attention to detail in chasing the highest performance 70cc exhaust possible. One of the major components to its design is being able to produce peak power at a whopping 14,100RPM !

With all race exhausts, this is not a part for the faint hearted. Designed for power only, it isn’t quiet, by any stretch of the imagination. A must-have part for your Testa Rossa 70cc setup.

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The perfect musical instrument to make your Malossi motor sing

Scooter Racing Malossi exhausts are designed and built with one objective: maximum possible performance tuned to the cylinders for which they were designed. Every evolution of Malossi exhaust systems is the result of fluid dynamic research which establishes the ideal shape and size of Scooter Racing exhausts with precision.

Only perfect exhausts with a completely uniform production process can proudly display the Malossi brand. Indeed, the production technology is applied to all Scooter Racing models, the only differences between them being the divergence of the cones.

All Scooter Racing exhausts are made from sheet metal of a precise and constant thickness of 0.8mm, are laser cut and welded with pinpoint precision, and have a calibrating nozzle whose size respects the minute tolerances needed to maintain pressure inside the silencer at the correct levels.

The development of Scooter Racing exhausts advances at the same rate as Malossi cylinders and in order to get the best performance, it is important to match the exhaust to the cylinder for which it was designed.

All Scooter Racing are fi tted with aluminium silencers, anodized in Nitro Blue.



MHR Team 3 and MHR Big Bore Ã? 52 are the NEW Scooter Racing exhaust names designed for Testa Rossa Flanged Mount cylinders, 70 and 94 cc respectively, and are characterised by an unprecedented cone profile, now rotated vertically, for an even more dynamic appearance.

Malossi engineers have managed to considerably increase power and have paid particular attention to rounding of its usage range, in order to increase the fi eld of action and fine tune the assembly more quickly. There is a high rev range for the motor and the best power levels are achieved at 14,100 rpm for the 70cc, and 13,800 rpm for the 94cc.

The assembly system on the cylinder uses an attachment with four light alloy holes, designed to allow a perfect flow of exhaust gases, and so optimising fluid dynamic flow. This solution is a direct development of the technology used by the MHR Team 2 exhaust, where as it is unprecedented on the Big Bore Ã? 52 version.

The connection system for the Nitro blue anodized aluminium silencer has been simplifi ed, and is now linked to the expansion chamber in a light and elegant way, using only one holding screw.

Product reserved exclusively for competitive use in areas designated for competitions, according to regulations stipulated by the relevant sporting authority. We do not accept any liability for improper use.