*Updated 2021* Malossi MHR TEAM 2 Over Range Performance Variator for Piaggio 50cc 2T


The Malossi MHR Team 2 Variator is the new updates Team variator from Malossi, and offers next level transmission tuning for the Piaggio Hyper2 engine found in Aprilia and Piaggio 50cc 2T Models.

This variator is recommended for scooters with high end cylinder kits, such as the MHR Team cylinder range. Prior advanced transmission tuning experience highly recommended. Please also note, if the Malossi outer pulley is used, the electric start will no longer work (kick start only).

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Malossi MHR TEAM 2 Over Range Performance Variator for Piaggio 50cc 2T

This variator is designed for race scooters, and scooters with very highly tuned 70cc cylinder kits revving beyond 10,000rpm. This variator will be very difficult to tune on a scooter with ‘street’ level parts such as standard sport 70cc cylinders.

Compared to the regular the Malossi Racing Variator features a larger drive face for higher top speed, as well as a host of other small changes for increased tuning ability and power delivery.

This updated version of the Team variator comes with the outer fan pulley (Ventilvar). It features the addition of a lubricated bush with grease reservoir groove with vents in the centre of the bush. To keep the system clean and sealed the variator basket also has oil seals on the front and rear of the basket. The kit is provided with a tube of Malossi 7.1 MHR Grease and a fine tipped nozzle for application.

Another great benefit of the new 2021 Over Range MHR kit is the ability to be used with either the factory rear pulley OR the MHR Over Range pulley for a fully upgraded transmission. These parts can be purchased separately, which breaks up the cost. Just keep in mind, that if the Over Range variator is used in conjunction with the Over Range Rear Pulley, the MHR Over Range Belt MUST also be used (longer than the standard size). If the Over Range variator is used with the factory rear pulley, the standard size belt can be used.

The MHR Team Variator comes in a kit with 2 sets of rollers 3.5 gram and 3.8 gram. This kit is specifically designed to match the characteristics of the MHR Team cylinder, for scooters with more street appropriate cylinders it is recommended to use heavier rollers than the ones supplied in the kit for optimum performance.

The kit contains a 99.5 mm diameter mobile half pulley made of a special cast aluminium alloy. The contact surface between pulley and belt is super-finished with a diamond tool to grant a constant coefficient of friction, calculated to prevent both belt slip and premature wear. To satisfy the innumerable adjustings required by racing scooters, depending on the track type and on the tuning of the engines, the kit is supplied with 2 sets of 6 rollers and a counter-spring in pre-hardened silicon-chrome steel alloy with counterclockwise winding (racing). In addition, other springs of the same class with different loads are available as options.

Suggestions for the setting
The variator is supplied with two different roller sets: one of 3.9 gr. and one of 4.7 gr. in order to change the number of revolutions of the gear curve of your vehicle perfectly adjusting its speed and acceleration.