Malossi MHR RC-One 94cc Race Engine for Aprilia SR50R


This is it. The single most powerful engine available for a 2 stroke scooter. As much art, as engineering.

🤯 94cc – 31 HP – Complete Engine 🤯

The most powerful engine ever produced by Malossi. The very top of the food chain.

The RC-One is a complete engine, including revised crank cases made by Malossi. Through years of research and development, Malossi reached the limit of what was possible with factory crank cases. In typical Malossi fashion, they weren’t satisfied – so they made their own crank cases.

Malossi has taken full advantage from these new cases, designing the new Testa Rossa 94cc cylinder to suit the hugely increased port capabilities of the RC-One. This cylinder uses a flanged mount, meaning the studs are spaced much further apart than the factory studs, and are bolted at the base of the cylinder instead of long pins (studs) sliding through the whole cylinder and head. This allows the size of the piston and bore to be significantly increased, and optimum transfer port and cooling galleries (translation: alot more stuff can get into the cylinder, alot more quickly because the pins aren’t in the way).

With the Testa Rossa at its heart, the rest of the RC-One has been designed around perfectly matching its power delivery requirements, to create absolute harmony.

What does all this mean? It means when tuned, this engine is capable of propelling an SR50R well and truely beyond 150kph, on one wheel. With a power to weight greater than many 500cc sports bikes, and the fury of a 2 stroke power delivery – owners of this engine describe their bike as being ‘Virtually impossible to keep the front wheel down’.

“Why cant I just bolt all these parts to my factory engine casings?” – Malossi make a Testa Rossa cylinder kit to suit the factory engine casings, as well as a crankshaft to suit. Much of the benefit of the RC-One is the bolt-on nature of these parts. The porting in the cases has been designed to match the Testa Rossa, instead of needing to be significantly milled out to suit (as the factory casing would need to be). The RC-One also has significantly enlarged internals, and strengthened webbing – it has been designed to handle the power. Asking the poor factory casings to handle more than 10 times what they were designed to… Its asking more than alot.

Please note, this is not an every day persons project. As a prerequisite we would highly recommend a customer have considerable scooter tuning experience, as well as considerable riding ability, a clean and well running base scooter, and no intentions of riding the bike as a daily rider. It should be clear, this is a full race engine. It will be incredibly loud, and not in any way, even remotely around-town friendly.

As prices are heavily reliant on exchange rates which change regularly, please inquire at the time of purchase for updated pricing. This engine comes unassembled. We do offer an assembly service for an additional fee, however this is assembly only. The engine must be tuned to the bike.

Please contact us about availability, as these are ordered specially from Malossi.

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