Fuel Tap for Piaggio Scooters


Fuel Tap for Piaggio scooters, automatically controls the flow of fuel to the carby. Rubber o-ring seal at inlet, 15mm diameter.

There are two types used by Piaggio depending on the model and year, the tank type and the remote type.


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Fuel Tap for Piaggio Scooters.

Automatic fuel tap for Piaggio, Aprilia Scooters. On starting the scooter the fuel tap opens under Vacuum pressure created by the piston via the manifold. This allows fuel to flow through the tap from the tank to the carby. It must operate correctly to feed and cut off the fuel flow. Easily tested by applying suction pressure to the lower outlet and fuel will start to flow from the Carby Outlet of the Tap. Never blow high pressure air in or near this sensitive part.

Fits Yamaha 100cc 2 stroke.