Front Brake Caliper for Piaggio Zip / Vespa


Standard Replacement Front Brake Caliper for Piaggio Zip 50 / 100 / Vespa LX50 / LX125 / ET2 / ET4 / S 50

This is the genuine Piaggio replacement front brake caliper assembly. The assembly comes with the caliper, banjo bleed screw, pad holder pin, spring, and brake pads – ready to install.

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Front Brake Caliper for Piaggio Zip 50 / 100 / Vespa LX50 / LX125 / ET2 / ET4 / S 50

Some models of Vespa in particular are commonly prone to brake piston seizure, where the piston inside the caliper that squeezes the brake pads onto the disk gets stuck – causing the brake to get stuck on constantly. This also often leads to brake fluid leaks developing as well due to overheating of the caliper and fluid. Brake Fluid is corrosive, leaks often lead to paint damage, and can even eat into the alloy of the fork, caliper and wheel over time.

Replacing the caliper is the best and easiest solution! You don’t want to mess around with brakes that don’t work. Simply bolt the new caliper on, bleed up and off you go!

Please note that on the Piaggio Zip it is often necessary to remove either the front brake disk, or slip the brake pads out from the caliper before the caliper can be removed (it gets jammed between the disk and the wheel otherwise). We highly recommend using a brand new or fresh, sharp hex tool to remove the brake disk bolts, as they are easily stripped, and a nightmare to remove once the hex is stripped.