Yasuni R Exhaust for Yamaha Aerox / Jog / Adly / BUG 50cc


Yasuni R Exhaust for Yamaha Aerox / Jog / Adly / BUG 50cc. This is a Street race level exhaust, offering excellent performance but will be significantly louder than the standard exhaust. The silencer can be repacked to take some of the edge off.

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Yasuni R Exhaust for Yamaha Aerox / Jog / Adly / BUG 50cc

This exhaust is a direct fitment to Yamaha Aerox / Jog / Adly / BUG 50cc (Minarelli Horizontal Motor). YASUNI R with alloy muffler. Well made, high quality expansion chamber which pulls very strong.  The mounting of the muffler using O-seals and springs. The R is the midrace version of the popular Yasuni Z. The direct comparison shows a much enlarged exhaust chamber as well as a larger diameter of the exhaust bend diameter. Therefore it is the perfect soulmate of 70 cc sport and racing cylinder kits. The R makes good torque and power early down in the rev range. Therefore it is a good ridable pipe for hard acceleration. Thanks to the evenly made high torque output it is easy to setup.The Yasuni R makes a sportive sound without being too noisy.

When installing a performance exhaust it is necessary to increase the jet size in the carburetor. Failure to do so may result in engine damage. Transmission and clutch tuning may also be required to get the best performance out of this exhaust.