Yasuni C16 Exhaust for Yamaha Aerox / Jog / Adly / BUG 50cc


Yasuni C16 Exhaust for Yamaha Aerox / Jog / Adly / BUG 50cc.

This is a race level exhaust for the street, offering unparalleled performance in its class. The Carbon/Kevlar weave silencer gives it that classic ‘Yasuni’ look. It is significantly louder than the standard exhaust. The silencer can be repacked periodically to take some of the edge off.

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Yasuni C16 Exhaust for Yamaha Aerox / Jog / Adly / BUG 50cc

This exhaust is a direct fitment to Yamaha Aerox / Jog / Adly / BUG 50cc (Minarelli Horizontal Motor). YASUNI C16 with Carbon/Kevlar weave muffler. This is a full mid-race exhaust! To get the best from this exhaust, it must be paired with a good mid-race cylinder such as the Malossi MHR or Stage 6 MKII Racing cylinders. It will also work well with the Malossi MHR Replica. It is not recommended for use with a standard 50cc cylinder.

Very well made, high quality expansion chamber which is manufactured from many individual rings welded into the expansion shape.  The mountings use O-seals and springs, with a quick release header and silencer. The C16 is the full midrace version of the popular Yasuni R. The C16 is the highest power street exhaust we sell. The direct comparison shows a much enlarged exhaust chamber as well as a larger diameter of the exhaust bend diameter, and hugely increased header size. This exhaust, like any midrace exhaust is not quiet! Unfortunately power usually comes with noise when tuning scooters.

When installing a performance exhaust it is necessary to increase the jet size in the carburetor. Failure to do so may result in engine damage. Transmission and clutch tuning may also be required to get the best performance out of this exhaust.