Upgraded Speedwheel (+10kph) for Vespa GTS 300 HPE (2019 onwards ONLY)


10km/h faster without changing anything on the engine?
With the modified tone wheel from Kübler Racing this is possible without any problems.
The speed wheel is a slotted steel disc on the rear wheel.
This is used to determine the wheel speed for the ASR/ABS control.

  • Plus 10-15kph final speed
  • No intervention in the engine necessary
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Not visible from outside
  • No increased wear and tear

The Vespa GTS HPE has more power at the rear wheel than its predecessors, the final speed unfortunately does not benefit from this due to a top speed restriction which is programmed into the ECU from factory. The Speed wheel is also responsible for providing speed information to the dash, which is 15% out from factory! Compared to a GPS speedo, 115kph on the dash unit is only 100kph in real life.

This speed wheel essentially tricks the ECU into thinking the bike isn’t going as fast as it is, by correcting for the inaccuracy it is able to achieve the true speed – Meaning the bike will still be limited to 130kph, however a real 130kph not a 15% inaccurate 130kph (110kph).

The best part is this comes at no sacrifice to the ASR or ABS system, these still function as normal!

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