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TopTul Scooter Torque Wrench (20-100Nm)

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If you care about your scooter – a torque wrench is a must-have item.

Working on your own scooter can save a lot of money in mechanical fees, and with a few essential tools you can fool-proof your own work. A torque wrench is about as fool proof of a tool as it gets!

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TopTul Scooter Torque Wrench (20-100Nm).

Torque wrenches are used to prevent under-tightening and over-tightening of nuts and bolts. The work via an adjustable setting in the end of the wrench, which is measured in Nm (Newton-metres, essentially the tightness of the nut). Simply set the desired Nm setting for the nut or bolt you’re tightening, and proceed to tighten. When the torque setting has been reached, the wrench will click – signalling that the inputted torque setting has ben reached.

This TopTul torque wrench is beautiful quality, with a clear number guage shown through a slight glass near the comfy rubber handle making the torque setting very easy and clear to set, unlike many cheap/nasty torque wrenches. As scooter bolts are often on the small side, the sensitivity of this wrench is also ideal – being accurate from 20Nm to 100Nm, perfect for scooters.