Tecnigas Silent Pro Exhaust for PGO 50cc


Tecnigas Silent Pro Exhaust for PGO 50cc

The Silent Pro range of exhaust from Tecnigas is specifically designed to offer an upgrade in performance to the factory exhaust, without attracting attention. This exhaust is only very slightly louder than the factory exhaust, and with similar looks flies under the radar keeping your bike looking stock.

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This exhaust is also particularly great for scooters with high carbon build up inside the exhaust, causing blockage (common in 2 stroke factory exhausts, particularly on scooters with high kms).

Please note that it is necessary to increase the size of the main jet when installing a performance exhaust. Failure to do so will result in engine damage

This exhaust is specifically designed to fit PGO 50cc Scooters

When installing a performance exhaust it is necessary to increase the jet size in the carburetor. Failure to do so may result in engine damage. Transmission and clutch tuning may also be required to get the best performance out of this exhaust. 

*Generic photo shown*Performance scooter parts do not come with a warranty*