Stator for Piaggio / Vespa / Aprilia 125 -150cc


Stator for Piaggio / Vespa / Aprilia 125 -150cc

Please note, that you will need a flywheel puller to access the stator.

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Stator for Piaggio / Vespa / Aprilia 125 -150cc

For Aprilia: ’08-’10 SportCity 125

For Piaggio: Fly 150



Typhoon 125

For Vespa: ET4

LX 150



The Stator is heart of the scooter, it generates the spark, powers the lights, dash and accessories and also recharges the battery as the engine runs. It does so via a series of stationary coils, and a magnets attached to the inside of the flywheel which spins with the rotation of the engine to generate electricity.

Stators do alot of work, and over time burn out. This failure can present itself in different ways, depending on the scooter and which coil in the stator has burned out. Often the scooter will either stop charging the battery, or will lose spark and stop running.