Standard Replacement Steering Stem / Fork Assembly for Piaggio Zip 50


The Steering tube / fork assembly is what the whole front of your scooter is based on. This is one of the most major components of your bike.

These are generally pretty difficult to damage, but in the case of a heavy front impact can be bent. Due to the nature of this part, replacement is the only safe option. Metallic components have a tendency to warp, crack and lose rigidity once exposed to a shock load past their rated limit. Alloy components such as the fork sleeves are particularly susceptible to this. Even a slight bend in the steering tube can drastically negatively affect the handing characteristics of the steering geometry, and make the bike dangerous to ride.

Though it is a major part, replacement is fairly straight forward and will get your bike back to 100%. This is a genuine Piaggio part, assembly is pre-assembled and ready to bolt in!

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