Speedo Cable for Piaggio Zip 50 / 100cc


Standard Replacement Speedo Cable for Piaggio Zip 50 / 100cc

Bolt in replacement cable. Speedo cables have a spinning inner flex drive that constantly spins with the movement of the scooter wheel, which eventually wears out and fractures causing your speed not to display any more. We have the speedo drive available as well, to view it click HERE

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Speedo Cable for Piaggio Zip 50 / 100cc

The speedo drive (Snail shell shaped part at the wheel) can also wear out causing the speedo not to work. There’s an easy trouble shooting method to diagnose if the broken part is the drive or the cable. Disconnect the speedo cable, and connect the end of the inner flex drive to a low powered drill the same you would to a drill bit (The flex drive has a stopper at the speedo end, so it cannot fall out unless it’s broken). Flick the drill to reverse (anti-clockwise) and begin to engage the drill to spin the flex drive. This mimics the job the speedo drive does. Check your speedo, if your speed meter moves when the drill rotates, your cable is functioning properly, and the problem is most likely the speedo drive.

Speedo cable
length inner cable: 955 mm
upper size inner cable: 2.5 mm
lower size inner cable: 2.5 mm
length cable outer: 930 mm
upper mounting type: rigid connection
lower mounting type: M10x1,0