Standard Replacement Left Crank Bearing for TGB 50cc / Aprilia SR50 Ditech


Standard replacement left side (variator side) crank bearing for scooters fitted with Morini engines, including TGB 50cc 2T models, Aprilia SR50 Ditech and Scarabeo 50 Ditech.

The Morini engine classically experiences failure of the left side crank bearing, which initially presents as a deep rumbling sound when riding, and eventually if left unaddressed leads to piston seizure, crank failure and in some cases failure of the engine casing due to the bearing seizing and spinning inside the casing.

It is highly recommended to replace both main bearings, as well the crank seals and crankshaft if such a failure has occurred. Failure to do so often results in continued bearing failure.

Bearing size: 25x52x13mm

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