Stage 6 Pro Replica Exhaust for Aprilia / Piaggio 50cc Models (Except Ditech)


The Stage 6 Pro Replica exhaust brings race level performance to the every day scooter rider. Please be aware that although this exhaust offers unparalleled street performance, it is far louder than the standard exhaust. The Silencer does however come apart very easily to have the packing replaced, to quieten it down a little.

This is the only truly unrestricted exhaust we sell, paired with a good cylinder such as the Malossi MHR Replica – it is more than capable of producing big, wheelie popping, huge smoking burnout power (We definitely do not recommend doing either of these on the public roads…๐Ÿ˜‚).

To make your life easy we’ve made up a tuning kit specifically for this exhaust to suit your scooter, which you can add via the drop down below. This kit includes a 50-72 jet kit to suit the standard carb, a set of stiffer performance clutch springs, and a set of lighter rollers to get the scooter revving – as performance exhausts need more revs to make power compared to the standard exhaust. Best of all, bundling the tuning parts saves you money!

*Please note that this is a special order part, and as such supply can be delayed. We usually update update customers within 2 business days of the lead time of their parts once the order has been placed*



This exhaust is perfectly matched to the Malossi MHR Replica Cylinder, it is not recommended to use this exhaust on a standard cylinder.

The Key to this exhaust is its huge header pipe and massive expansion chamber. This allows far more exhaust flow, which shifts the power range of the motor to a higher RPM to the average street level performance exhaust. The Pro Replica comes also comes with a beautiful and tough chrome chamber finish, with black alloy silencer and black fittings. This stops rust and corrosion which performance exhausts are usually extremely prone to.

The Pro Replica also bring such race standard features as a quick release header and quick release silencer for fast removable and repacking.

This exhaust is a direct fitment to all Aprilia / Piaggio 50cc 2T models (Hiper2 Motor).

When installing a performance exhaust it is necessary to increase the jet size in the carburetor. Failure to do so may result in engine damage. Transmission and clutch tuning may also be required to get the best performance out of this exhaust.ย 

*Generic photo shown

*Performance scooter parts do not come with a warranty*

*This exhaust may not fit models such as the Aprilia Mojito, and Vespa 50cc 2T models as the exhaust may hit the rear panel*

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Chamber Finish

Chrome, Clear

Tuning Kit

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