Replacement Gasket Set for Malossi 70cc Cylinder Kit fitting Aprilia / Piaggio 50cc 2T Models (headless kit only)


Replacement gasket set for the headless Malossi 70cc cylinder kit fitting Aprilia / Piaggio 2T models (31 6915)

As this Malossi cylinder kit utilizes the factory head, the kit requires a special head gasket to adequately space the head from the cylinder for the optimum squish level.

This gasket kit can also be used on Euro 4 model Aprilia and Piaggio models which require the use of the factory head due to the heat sensor fitting. This gasket kit (in particular the special head gasket) allows the fitting of higher end cylinder kits such as the Malossi MHR Replica with the factory head, as the Malossi MHR Replica and Sport cylinder kits share the same piston and cylinder dimensions.

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