Regulator for Piaggio 50cc 2T Scooters


Standard Replacement Regulator for Aprilia / Piaggio 50cc 2T Scooters.

Regulators perform the task of ensuring that the stator (charging generator that runs of the motor) doesn’t over-charge the electrical system. As the stator runs off the rotation of the engine, as the engine revs up it generates a higher voltage of charge. In all scooters, the maximum voltage generated through the charging system should be 14.8 volts, a regulator that is working properly will limit the voltage to 14.8v and absorb the excess.

Typical symptoms of a faulty regulator are blown headlight and taillight globes, acid leaking from the battery & blown fuses.

This Regulator fits most Aprilia & Piaggio 50cc 2T Models, with the exception of the Aprilia SR50 Ditech, SR50R, Piaggio NRG 50 & all new Euro 4 Models. Please check the regulator in your scooter before ordering.

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Regulator for Piaggio 50cc 2T Scooters.