Rear Brake Master Cylinder for Vespa GT200 / GTS 250 – 300 (Not ABS)


Brake master cylinders function via an internal piston which is actuated by the brake lever, pressurizing the brake fluid to hydraulically force the piston in the calliper out, squeezing the brake pads against the brake disk to slow the bike down.

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Rear Brake Master Cylinder for Vespa GT200 / GTS 250 – 300 (Not ABS).

Over time the seals inside the master cylinder piston start to fail, causing it to feel spongey, not activate until the lever is almost pulled all the way to the handle bar, or lose pressure as it engages slowly pulling in to the handlebar.

The time of rebuilding master cylinders has come and gone, these days the only real fix is replacement. Fortunately they’re relatively inexpensive, and easy to fit. Simply bolt up, bleed, and you’re right to go.

Please note that brake fluid is a corrosive substance, and any work where brake fluid is exposed should immediately be washed off with boiling water at the completion of the job to neutralize any droplets or spills of fluid which may have gone onto the paint, bodywork or components.