Polini Variator for Honda PCX 125-150cc


The Polini “Maxi Hi-Speed” variator for maxi scooters is an excellent value for money CVT. The CVT, with the variator being one of the pulleys, has the task of changing the gear ratio continuously. This enables the engine to run at its most efficient RPM regardless of the vehicle’s speed. Rollers include: 20x12mm 9.2 gram.

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Polini Variator for Honda PCX 125-150cc.

HONDA: PCX 125 ie (2010/2011) – PCX 125 ie 2012 to 2014 – PCX 125 ie Euro 3 2015 to 2017

PCX 150 2012 to 2014 – PCX 150 Euro 3 2015 to 2017 – SH 125i MODE ie 4T H2O.

Polini Motori presents the new MAXI HI-SPEED 9 roller variator for Honda PCX provided with the new patented lubrication system.
Piston pin made of chromed nickel with the lowest friction coefficient: it features the DLC carbon treatment for racing and aircraft applications
dedicated to the sliding and high wear components. It has a big internal pocket that contains the grease, inside of which there is a
special spring that allows a constant grease distribution on the pin even during the hardest conditions of use.
Inside the rollers sliding surfaces we have a new polishing treatment to improve the sliding.
Best performance and less servicing costs thanks to these particular features that have also improved the bush and pin lubrication, while the polishing of
the rollers sliding surfaces and the rollers material allow a better wear resistance.
100% Made in Italy