MVT Performance Inner Rotor Ignition for Aprilia / Piaggio 50cc 2T Models (With Lighting Coil)


Looking for a hassle free inner rotor ignition? Here you go!

Undoubtedly the biggest pain involved with inner rotor ignitions is the lack of 12v provided to the bike, to run essentials like lighting.

This MVT ignition has changed the game, allowing you to drastically reduce the inertial rotating mass of the heavy factory flywheel for super snappy throttle response and increased spark – while still being able to keep the 12v systems that make your bike convenient as a daily rider.

If you have removed or held a factory flywheel in your hands before, you’d know how heavy they are. Each time the throttle is applied, the crankshaft has to forcibly spin up the weight of giant anchor which is hanging directly off its side. Inner rotor ignitions essentially work in the reverse, having a super light flywheel built into a the inside of the stator rather than rotating around the outside – keeping the heavy part of the system un-driven, and the driven part of the system as close to the centre of the crank as possible to reduce the effect of centrifugal force.

This particular MVT Inner Rotor includes the coil and the CDI as well, for a complete replacement setup!

A must have for any race setup!

Please note that while this system provides 12v charge for lighting, it does not supply the battery with charge. Electric starting, the use of brake lights and indicators will drain the battery over time, and it will require external charging every now and again. If you’re handy with a soldering iron, the 12v line from the stator can be re-run to charge the battery – you will just need to wire the tail light and headlight to either a manual switch or to the ignition, so they draw power from the battery for use while riding (rather than direct from the lighting coil on the stator). We usually recommend replacing the bulbs with low power drawing LED’s.

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MVT Performance Inner Rotor Ignition for Aprilia / Piaggio 50cc 2T Models (With Lighting Coil)