Michelin Power Pure 130/60-13 Tyre (2 Compound) for Aprilia SR50R / Yamaha Aerox


The Michelin Power Pure is the best tyre available in the 13″ size. What makes this tyre so great, is its dual compound technology (Michelin 2CT) which provides the best all found grip and durability. The tyre is manufactured using two different rubber compounds, one harder and one softer. The harder rubber strip is moulded to the centre of the tyre, to give it long life and harder wearing for straight line riding. The sides of the tyre are moulded with soft rubber, for the maximum cornering grip.

We have won x3 Le Minz 24hr Scooter Race titles with this tyre, it works.

This size 130/60-13 is the factory front + rear size on all Aprilia SR50 models (SR50R and Ditech) as well as the Piaggio NRG, and is used on the front of the Yamaha Aerox 50 – 100cc.

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