Mercane Wide Wheel 1000W 13.2Ah Electric Scooter


The Mercane Wide Wheel is the ideal electric commuter scooter. The first two and most obvious electric scooter questions are, speed and range. With its two 500 watt motors and its upgraded 13.2ah 48 volt battery, the Wide Wheel is capable of 40kph with a 60km range, and suits riders up to 100kg.

  • 2x 500W motor
  • 60km Range on full charge
  • 40kph max speed
  • 20.5kg total weight
  • 4 – 6 hour charge time
  • Folding design for easy storage
  • disk brake for added safety
  • Digital voltage meter
  • Headlight and taillight for safe riding at night
  • Front and rear built in suspension for comfy riding


The Mercane Wide Wheel Electric scooter is the ideal commuter, capable of speeds up to 40kph. With front and rear suspension and extra wide 100mm tires, it’s comfortable on smooth and rough terrain. The extra wide wheel comfortably handles the 40kph speeds for fast cornering and braking ability increased by the additional grip. WideWheel boasts two high-powered 48V 500W BLDC hub motors which offer huge amounts of torque in a compact unit, giving you the power to easily get up any hill even in poor conditions.

The front and rear suspensions are made of 4 individual alloy forks with strong steel springs. The wheel assemblies are designed to adjust to uneven terrain, providing a smoother ride.

The WideWheel’s 120mm brake disc and its first class calipers are integrated into the braking system making it extremely efficient on braking, even on steep slopes. The WideWheel is also equipped with bright front and rear light for better visibility at night.