Malossi Wild Lion Exhaust for Piaggio Zip 50 2T


Malossi Wild Lion Exhaust for Piaggio Zip (M3216590). If you’re looking for an exhaust that looks similar to the original but offers more performance without too much noise – look no further! Malossi’s Wild Lion range of exhausts is specifically designed for the scooter tuner looking for a stealthier exhaust, that still packs a punch when you wind the throttle.

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Malossi Wild Lion Exhaust for Piaggio Zip 50 2T

Malossi Wild Lion for Zip 2 stroke. Malossi Performance Parts are designed, tested and manufactured in Bologna, Italy. Malossi are well renowned in Europe and around the world as being the premier manufactures in high quality performance parts with a high performance yield as well as excellent durability. Hosting their own full race series inclusive of several different makes and capacities, Malossi test their products on the track to prove the reliability of their designs and parts.

The Malossi Wild Lion exhaust is aimed at bringing Malossi’s race proven technology down to the daily rider. Offering enhanced performance to the standard exhaust it also has the added benefit of being far quieter than a typical performance exhaust, leaving you without the possibly negative attention that its louder counterpart might attract.

When installing a performance exhaust it is necessary to increase the jet size in the carburettor. Failure to do so may result in engine damage. Transmission and clutch tuning may also be required to get the best performance out of this exhaust. 

*Generic photo shown. *Performance scooter parts do not come with a warranty*

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