Malossi Variator for Yamaha Aerox / BWS 100cc


A performance variator replaces the standard factory variator in your scooter. The variator is the automatic gearing system in a scooter. Malossi provide the complete varaitor kit.

Please note that the rollers in the factory variator are 15 x 12 – However the rollers in this Multivar kit are 19 x 15.5mm 11grams. To see the 19 x 15.5 roller tuning options, click HERE

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Malossi Variator for Yamaha Aerox / BWS 100cc

Malossi Performance Variator for Yamaha 2 stroke 100cc engines. Expand and optimize the engine gearing using the RPM through the Variator. The variator relies on roller weights that operate via centripetal force to smoothly and seamlessly increase the gearing ratio. The Malossi Multivar 2000 incorperates years of research, development and testing to deliver better variator efficiency than the standard factory variator. In most cases better acceleration and top speed is achieved with the installation of the Malossi variator – along with a far greater potential for fine tuning within the gearing system of your scooter. This kit uses 6 roller size 19×15.5 11Gram. TIP no washer needed behind the backing plate. Original rollers are 15×12 8.3Gram