Malossi Unrestricted TC Unit (CDI) for Yamaha Aerox 50 (Euro 2 Model)


Factory CDI’s often have a rev limiter that kicks in right around 10,000 RPM. In normal circumstances you would never notice it, however higher level cylinder kits with a Bridge Port (Such as the Malossi MHR Racing Cylinder Kit) needs to rev to approximately 12,000 RPM to run properly. The Malossi TC Unit is a bolt in part, that immediately removes the factory restriction, and will get the cylinder up into the rev range its designed to run at.

On-top of that, this TC-Unit also features an RPM control switch, with variable dial on the unit itself. This is a switchable rev limit switch, with variable RPM control. This clever little system is used mainly by the European scooter tuning community, where strict laws limit the maximum speed scooters are allowed to travel. Simply hit the switch to engage the rev limiter, and suddenly the scooter isn’t very fast anymore!

The great thing with the switch, is it doesn’t have to be used. Simply cable tie it up out of the way if you don’t want to use it.

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This TC Unit will only work on Euro 2 manufactured Aerox 50cc’s manufactured years 02′ – 04′. Please check the year and connector type on your scooter prior to order.