Malossi RHQ Full Circle Crankshaft for VMoto / Chinese 50cc 2T Models


This full circle crankshaft offers a high compression and can take a whole lot more punishment than the standard crankshaft. Ideal combination with a 70cc cylinder kit or as a quality replacement for the original crank.

Please note this crank is suitable for models using 12mm gudgeon pin and it has a 16mm diameter at the spline.

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Full circle crankshafts or ‘high compression’ crankshafts work by filling more space inside the crank casing and creating higher compression. Higher compression means more power.

Standard cranks have a ‘balancer’ made of machined steel, which is the heavy weighted part of the crankshaft. The balancer on a standard crank is recessed which creates more air and open space inside the crank casing. A full circle crankshaft has no recess, the balancer is filled along its entire diameter, closing off much of the space inside the casing that is allowed by a standard crankshaft. In doing so, the full circle crankshaft increases the compression of the engine.

Malossi RHQ crankshafts are also made from stronger materials, for more engine longevity particularly on scooters with other performance parts fitted that may put more load on the crank.

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