Malossi PHBG Dellorto 21mm Carburetor for Aprilia SR50R


The Malossi PHBG 21mm carburetor kit replaces the standard 17.5mm carburetor in your SR50R. As a kit package, it has been specifically designed to fit the SR50R, it will however fit most Aprilia and Piaggio models.

This carb will fit the stock intake manifold and airbox fittings. Please note that this carb can only be used with a manual choke, no automatic choke is available for the PHBG. Kit comes with a manual choke kit, to be located on the side of the transmission cover.

Main Jet: 5mm

Pilot Jet: Bullet Shape

Needle: W series (W7 and W9 needles commonly work well in these carbs – W16 supplied with carb)

Outlet OD: 23mm (to fit stock instake manifold)

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Malossi PHBG Dellorto 21mm Carburetor for Aprilia SR50R

An essential part of your scooter engine, don’t leave it out of your tuning package.

Generally, a performance carburetor is bigger than a standard factory carb, which allows the engine to suck more fuel and air – which in turn gives you more power.

The Malossi PHBG 21mm Carburetor comes as a kit from Malossi, with all fittings. This kit is specifically designed to directly fit the SR50R. When fitting the carb with the standard airbox Malossi reccomends that 2x 10mm holes be drilled in the intake side of the airbox (before the filter, NOT after – make sure to inspect airbox before drilling holes) and the 2x 10mm stuffers included in the kit be fitted into the holes. This is a nice neat system, and stops water from being able to enter the airbox through the holes.

When fitting this carb with a pod filter, it is highly recomended to also fit a short intake manifold and Malossi VL13 Reed Valve which greatly increases responsiveness. The thread on the intake side of the carb can be used in conjuntion with a Malossi E13 Pod Filter which screws onto the thread for a nice neat fitting.

The kit includes:

– Malossi PHBG 21mm Carb

– Threaded stuffer for intake side (fit easy fitment to airbox)

– Manual choke kit with cable, lever unit, mounting plate and choke insert into carb

– Standard size main jet, idle jet and pilot jet included

– 2x 10mm stuffers (kit fitment recommends drilling 2x 10mm holes in airbox – and fitting stuffers inside for neat modification)

The Malossi PHBG carburetor series is designed and manufactured by Dellorto in Italy. Malossi have put years of research and development into these carbs, and have chosen the exact specifications of the Dellorto PHBG because of its high quality, performance value and ability to be precision tuned.

The PHBG is a manual choke carb, and can be used with the Stage 6 Manual choke kit. The kit does come with a short cable manual choke.

**Malossi pod filter not included**

*Generic photo shown*

*Performance scooter parts do not come with a warranty*


  • Aprilia
    • Scarabeo 50 with Piaggio engine (2-stroke)
    • Sportcity 50 One (2-stroke)
    • SR 50 R (since 2005)
    • Mojito 50 Custom (2004-)
    • Mojito 50 (2004-)
    • SR Motard 50
  • Derbi
    • GP1 Racing 50
  • Italjet
    • Dragster 50
    • Millenium 100
    • Torpedo 50 with Piaggio engine
  • Piaggio
    • Liberty 50 (2-stroke)
    • NRG 50
    • Typhoon 50
    • Typhoon 50 New (2-stroke since 2010)
    • Zip 2 50
  • Vespa
    • Vespa ET2 (since 2000)
    • Vespa LX 50 (2-stroke)
    • Vespa LX 50 (2-stroke) FL (2009)
    • Vespa S 50 (2-stroke)
    • Vespa LX 50 Touring (2-stroke)