Malossi Outer Fan Pulley for Yamaha 100cc 2T Models


The outer fan pulley is the outer half of the front pulley system of the transmission – essentially the other half of the variator.

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Malossi Outer Fan Pulley for Yamaha 100cc 2T Models

The factory pulley uses a toothed star washer, which is driven by the crank, and in turn drives the outer pulley. One of the major advantages of this Malossi pulley is instead of using a toothed steel washer to transfer drive from the crank to the pulley, the pulley itself has a toothed spline which allows it to be directly driven my the crank. This eliminates the star washer for a simpler system.

Another advantage of the direct drive of the Malossi pulley is larger total contact area, and aluminium drive teeth compared to the factory steel star washer. The advantage here is in the event of some sort of failure of the pulley, the aluminium teeth are softer than the steel spline of the crank – allowing the softer aluminium to be sacrificed to save the crank. The steel star washer on the factory outer pulley does commonly damage the crank spline in the event of major transmission failure, leaving you with no option but to replace the crankshaft.

On top of this, the Malossi outer pulley has optimised cooling fins for better air flow and less drag on the crank.