Malossi MHR RHQ 85mm Crankshaft for Yamaha Aerox 50 (To Suit Testa Rossa 70cc ONLY)


If you’re installing a Malossi MHR Testa Rossa 70cc cylinder kit on your Aerox – this is the crank you need!

This crank has been specifically designed by Malossi to handle the immense punishment dished out by the Testa Rossa 70cc – which is the most powerful 70cc cylinder kit Malossi have ever made. This crank is designed to operate at over 14,000 RPM.

Likewise it features all the specs you’d expect from such a crankshaft, full circle, incredibly high strength materials used and made to the highest accuracy and smallest tolerances possible. Malossi has also slightly increased the size of the output shaft, for greater resistance of the oil seal, allowing higher compression while still remaining tightly sealed at high temperatures.

Please note that this crank shaft will ONLY suit the Testa Rossa 70cc, the reason being its unique 85mm conrod length. The factory conrod length is 80mm. The Testa Rossa due to its taller casting to accommodate the 94cc Testa Rossa within the same outer casting design requires a 5mm longer conrod, even though it uses the same overall stroke length.

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