Malossi MHR Replica 70cc kit for TGB 50cc


The MHR Replica Cylinder Kit range from Malossi features an aluminium cylinder with 9 port configuration, which offers a significant increase in performance over the standard Malossi sport range of 70cc Cylinder kits. The additional ports inside the cylinder allow gasses to transfer more quickly in and out of the cylinder, producing upwards of 15%-20% more power than the Malossi Sport 70cc cylinder when tuned correctly. The MHR Rep is a favorite of ours, its the ULTIMATE street cylinder kit.

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The Malossi MHR Rep kit has increased port sizes, and Malossi’s 9 port design which features 2 extra ‘booster’ exhaust ports to greatly increase the flow of exhaust gasses from the cylinder. The MHR Replica also features a full alloy construction with a Nikasil bore, which is virtually indestructible. What makes this cylinder so unique is the pairing of its twin ring piston in a Nikasil bore. Against single ring (race orientated) setups the MHR rep is far more ideal for street use being more reliable and less all out aggression.

It is recommended HIGHLY that this kit is accompanied by a performance exhaust.

*Performance scooter parts do not come with a warranty*



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