Malossi MHR Radiator for Piaggio Zip SP / Various Models


This MHR radiator is made specifically to suit the overseas Piaggio Zip SP (liquid cooled) model, as a racing replacement radiator.

The Zip SP and the air cooled Zip 50 2T we received in Australia share the same chassis, to the point that the air cooled model still has the radiator mounting brackets welded to the steering tube under the front cover!

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Malossi MHR Radiator for Piaggio Zip SP / Various Models

The air cooled and liquid cooled piaggio engines share exactly the same casing, and can be extremely easily converted to liquid cooling simply by bolting a liquid cooled cylinder on. With this super handy radiator kit from Malossi, the chassis can also be converted to accommodate the radiator.

This kit includes the mounting brackets to directly bolt onto any Piaggio Zip, as well as a head shield for the inside of the front cover, hose clamps, hose and cap for the coolant reservoir (reservoir not included).

Due to the simple nature of the fitment brackets this kit can also be adapted easily to suit various models of scooters. Malossi did this in fact on their Typhoon prototype which they converted to liquid cooling with a 218cc cylinder kit.

High performance requires the cooling to match, don’t miss this from your package!