Malossi Carb Conversion Kit for Aprilia SR50 Ditech / Piaggio NRG Purejet 50


The only true solution to the Ditech system!

The Aprilia ditech fuel injection system has been used on a number of different models of scooters including the early and late model SR50 Ditech’s (up to 2006), the Scarabeo 50 Ditech and was also adapted to the Piaggio NRG Purejet (Purejet just being another branding for the Ditech system).

In addition to the ECU, a carburettor and a specific cylinder and head, designed for a carburettor, (see Malossi catalogue) are required.

Please note that this kit does not include a carburettor, which must be purchased separately. The Dellorto PHVA 17.5 or Dellorto PHBG 19 are suitable for both the SR50 and NRG.

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Malossi Carb Conversion Kit for Aprilia SR50 Ditech / Piaggio NRG Purejet 50

For the Aprilia Ditech use: Malossi CARBURETTOR 1611040

Fitting instructions, click this link.

While this system typically works well when new, due to its overly complex nature and many delicate parts is extremely prone to failure. Unfortunately it is also commonly very difficult to diagnose which part has failed, leading to the replacement of multiple parts before the true issue is found. This can spiral out of control quickly, as any parts of the injection system are extremely expensive.

This Malossi Digitronic KRM conversion kit allows you to bypass the injection system and convert the engine to carburettor operation. Both the Morini and Piaggio engines which the Ditech system is based on were also manufactured in carb versions, for which Malossi also make 70cc cylinder kits with the standard non-injection head.