Malossi AIR FORCE Transmission Cover with Kick Starter


If you’ve done almost any level of transmission tuning to your scooter, you’d be well aware of how hot it gets even after a short ride!

Factory transmission covers are designed to keep dust and water out, at the cost of drastically reducing much needed air flow for cooling.

Malossi to the rescue again, with the AIR FORCE cover to suit all mid-casing length Piaggio engines  This cover has been specifically designed by Malossi for the maximum cooling. The vents in the rear of the cover in particular have been increased by a very large degree, more air out means more can enter through the front (which is a big weakness in the factory cover). The clever design also minimises the ability for water and other debris to enter into the cover. The factory kickstart mechanism fits right into it, and it is also compatible with electric start – meaning it directly replaces your factory cover with no loss of utility! It also looks incredible..

In Stock at Euro Warehouse (Ships in 8-12 days)


Malossi AIR FORCE Transmission Cover with Kick Starter