Malossi 79cc Kit for Piaggio Zip 50cc 4T / Zip 50 i-Get 3V / Vespa Primavera 50 i-Get


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The installation of this kit increases the capacity of your engine from 50cc to 79cc, and will produce more power when tuned correctly. Please note that the installation of this cylinder kit will require more fuel supply to the engine. In the carb models such as the Piaggio Zip 50cc 4T, the jet size must be increased to avoid engine damage. In the fuel injected iGet models such as the Zip 50 iGet and Vespa Primavera 50 iGet, you must also install the Malossi Injtronic Unit – which will increase the fuel supply.

To view the Malossi Injtronic controller for i-Get models, click HERE Or the Polini ECM. We recommend the Gear kit to increase top speed.

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Malossi 79cc Kit for Piaggio Zip 50cc 4T / Zip 50 i-Get 3V / Vespa Primavera 50 i-Get

Malossi Performance cylinder kits replace the standard factory cylinder. This is the most significant performance modification you can make to a scooter, and likewise it makes the most significant difference in power when it comes to performance modifications.

Malossi scooter performance parts are designed and manufactured at Malossi’s headquarters and testing facility in Italy. Through years of research, development and testing the Malossi cylinder kits produce significantly more power than the standard factory cylinder. Malossi ‘big bore’ cylinder kits such as this cylinder also increase the capacity, or size of your engine which allows your scooter to produce far more power.


To be installed exclusively with INJTRONIC control unit art. 5518409
PIAGGIO LIBERTY iGet 50 ie 4T euro 4 2018->
PIAGGIO ZIP 3V I-GET 50 ie 4T euro 4 2018->
VESPA PRIMAVERA 3V IGet 50 ie 4T euro 4 2018-> (CA03M)
VESPA SPRINT 3V IGet 50 ie 4T euro 4 2018-> (CA01M)

*Performance scooter parts do not come with a warranty*