Malossi 70cc Sport Cylinder Kit for Piaggio 50cc 2T Models (Suits Euro 4 Models)


Malossi 70cc Sport Cylinder Kit for Piaggio 50cc 2T Models (Suits Euro 4 Models)

Please note that this cylinder kit does not come with a head, it is designed to suit the factory 50cc head. It uses exactly the same cylinder and piston as the head-included kit, however this kit comes with an additional special head gasket to suit the factory head. There is no measurable difference in performance between the two kits.

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Malossi 70cc Sport Cylinder Kit for Piaggio 50cc 2T Models (Suits Euro 4 Models)

This kit is particularly useful for the Aprilia SRMT 50 Euro 4, and the Piaggio Typhoon 50 Euro 4.

The Euro 4 models have a special fitting on the factory head to suit a temperature sensor which feeds information back to the ECU. The ECU on the Euro 4 models has the ability to advance and retard the ignition timing of the engine, it does so based on the RPM and the temperature reading at the head via the sensor. As the engine gets hot, the ECU backs off the ignition advance to allow the engine to cool.

Removal of the sensor results in the ECU maxxing out the advance on the ignition timing constantly, and can cause overheating and piston seizure.

This cylinder kit allows you to keep the factory head and temp sensor with the 70cc cylinder, problem solved! This kit can also be used on Euro 2 models if you’re looking for a cheaper option.

Malossi Performance cylinder kits replace the standard factory cylinder. This is the most significant performance modification you can make to a scooter, and likewise it makes the most significant difference in power when it comes to performance modifications.

Malossi scooter performance parts are designed and manufactured at Malossi’s headquarters and testing facility in Italy. Through years of research, development and testing the Malossi cylinder kits produce significantly more power than the standard factory cylinder. Malossi 70cc cylinder kits also increase the capacity, or size of your engine which allows your scooter to produce far more power.

**When installing a 70cc kit it is necessary to increase the jet size in the carburetor. Failure to do so may cause engine damage.