Malossi 70cc Cylinder Kit for Yamaha Jog 50cc


The 70cc Malossi performance cylinder kits replace the standard factory cylinder.

This is the most significant performance modification you can make to a scooter engine. 10mm gudgeon.

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Malossi 70cc Cylinder Kit for Yamaha Jog 50cc / BUG / PGO 50cc 2T Models.

The Malossi 70cc kit can be used to replace the original 50cc cylinder. The upgraded size of the kit will give a power boost to your scooter engine when tuned correctly. Jetting must be increased to replicate the factory balance of fuel and air into the cylinder kit, there is a greater demand from this power hungry kit and the return makes the most significant difference in power when it comes to performance modifications. See the 6mm Jet kit

Malossi scooter performance parts are designed and manufactured at Malossi’s headquarters and testing facility in Italy. Through years of research, development and testing the Malossi cylinder kits produce significantly more power than the standard factory cylinder. Malossi 70cc cylinder kits also increase the capacity, or size of your engine which allows your scooter to produce far more power. Pista.

*Performance scooter parts do not come with a warranty*