Malossi 183cc Cylinder Kit for Yamaha N Max 155ie / Tricity 155ie / BWS 125ie


What a kit! Malossi 183cc Performance Cylinder Kit for Yamaha N Max 155ie and Tricity 155ie.

The ideal package, offering a significant power increase and easy tuning adjustability for further tuning. The cylinder kit is designed to be used with the standard factory head. All gaskets, plugs and electrics are included to install the kit correctly. Absolutely stunning quality manufacturing, consistent with Malossi’s high standards.

Please note that the installation of this cylinder kit must be accompanied with the Malossi Force Master electronic controller, to adequately adjust the fuelling for this larger cylinder. Failure to do so may result in engine damage. To view the Malossi Force Master Control Unit for this cylinder click HERE

In Stock at Euro Warehouse (Ships in 8-12 days)